Magnetic Geared Machine

Magnetic Geared Machine

What is Magnetic Geared Machine?

Magnetic Geared Machine (MGM) is a new type of dual-rotor permanent magnet motor. The Magnetic Geared Machine is composed of a magnetic field modulation type magnetic gear and a traditional permanent magnet synchronous motor in structure. It can be divided into various topological types according to the different composite methods. Due to the introduction of the magnetic field pole changing and deceleration effects of the magnetic gear, the Magnetic Geared Machine can be regarded as a motor system with its own reducer, which can multiply the output torque of the permanent magnet motor and achieve a substantial increase in torque density.


Compared with the vernier motor, bilateral permanent magnet motor, brushless doubly-fed motor and primary permanent magnet linear motor that also use the magnetic field modulation pole-changing effect to enhance the torque, the magnetic gear composite motor has less flux leakage, and the power factor is similar to that of the conventional permanent magnet motor. , much higher than the vernier motor, so it is more suitable for large load occasions. With the continuous deepening of the research on the structure and principle of the magnetic gear composite motor, and the introduction of some traditional motor structures and analysis methods, the performance and application fields of the magnetic gear composite motor have been expanded.


The Magnetic Geared Machine combines the magnetic gear with the motor, which realizes the compactness and high efficiency of the structure. At the same time, it has the characteristics of non-contact transmission, which makes it have significant advantages in overload protection, sealed transmission, vibration and noise, reliability and maintainability. Advantage. The combination of magnetic gear and motor is flexible, and the topology structure is changeable. At present, the Magnetic Geared Machine has shown good application prospects in the fields of electric transportation drive, new energy power generation, power distribution, petrochemical and other fields, and has become one of the research hotspots in the field of motors.


At present, magnetic gears and Magnetic Geared Machine have been gradually industrialized. It can be found that in addition to deceleration Magnetic Geared Machine, speed-up magnetic gear composite motors also have certain application prospects in the fields of electric drive pumps and electric aircraft.
With the deepening of the market’s understanding of the advantages of magnetic transmission and the further exploration of its performance by the research community, the Magnetic Geared Machine is expected to have higher market competitiveness and realize the innovation of the existing low-speed direct drive motor technology.

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