Permanent Magnetic separator, the best support for modern miningindustry

1. Introduction to magnetic separator

The permanent magnetic separator relies on magnetic separation technology.Research on magnetic separation technology began in the mid-19th century.Many scientists discovered through magnetic separation experiment that coarse-grained highly magnetic minerals can be separated from non-magnetic minerals under the action of a magnetic field.

In 1890, Ball-Nortony developed the first cylindrical electromagnetic separator powered by direct current.It became the first electromagnetic separator used in magnetic particle sorting technology and was widely used in magnetite purification.

In the late 1960s,with the emergence of new high-performance permanent magnet materials,scientists began focus on the research of permanent magnetic separators.Then in 1989,using the research results, the first cylindrical permanent magnetic separator was built.

Magnetic separator is a device that uses magnetic field to sort materials.This technology is useful for selecting ferromagnetic (minerals containing iron, nickel and cobalt) and paramagnetic materials.Magnetic separator are widely uses in mining,metallurgy and food industries.Magnetic separator equipment is also one of the main applications of neodymium magnets.

2. Categories of magnetic separators

Magnetic separators are classified according to different characteristics and standards, mainly including the following.

permanent Magnetic separator

①According to classification of magnetic source,it can be divided into permanent magnetic separator and electromagnetic separator.The Permanent magnetic separator uses permanent magnet materials such as ferrite and NdFeB to generate a working magnetic field,while the electromagnetic separator uses electromagnets to generate a magnetic field.

②According to magnetic field strength,it can be divided into weak,medium and strong magnetic field separators.Weak magnetic field separator is used to sort strong magnetic minerals,such as magnetite, titanium magnetite, etc.;medium magnetic field separator is used to sort medium magnetic minerals,such as hematite, manganese siderite, etc.;strong magnetic field separator is used to sort weakly magnetic minerals,such as rare earths,etc.

③According to separation medium,it can be divided into dry and wet magnetic separator.Dry magnetic separators perform separation in the air and are suitable use in arid and water-deficient areas.It requires that the minerals being sorted are dry and cannot agglomerate,otherwise the effect of the magnetic separator will be affected.Wet magnetic separators  perform separation in water or other liquids.The wet magnetic separator can save energy and reduce consumption,effectively utilize extremely poor iron ore and increase the final minerals content.It is generally used for sorting fine-grained ores and iron powder.

④According to the movement direction of material and the transportation method of the selected material.It can be divided into three types:cocurrent flow, counterflow and semi-counterflow magnetic separators.

⑤According to the structural characteristics of magnetic separators,they can be divided into cylindrical, conical, belt, disk and ring magnetic separators.

3.Permanent magnetic separator

Permanent Magnetic separator

The permanent magnetic separator uses permanent magnets to generate a magnetic field.In the electromagnetic separator,the electromagnet consumes a large amount of electrical energy to generate a magnetic field,and the coil needs to be cooled when it heats up.Therefore,the electromagnetic separator is bulky and complex in design.Its numerous control components lead to many fault points.

The permanent magnetic separator designed with permanent magnets does not require additional energy and cooling systems.It has the advantages of  simple structure,convenient operation and maintenance,lighter body,stable performance and energy saving.It has boarder development prospects than electromagnetic separator.

In a permanent magnetic separator,ferrite and neodymium magnet are generally used to generate the magnetic field.Ferrite is low cost but produces a weak magnetic fields.Therefore,a larger number of ferrite magnet are needed to produce a strong magnetic field.Neodymium magnet only need to be used in small quantities to produce the same level of magnetic field,but they are more expensive.

Therefore,when considering what type of magnet separator to use,buyer need to consider multiple factors such as purchase cost,maintenance cost and floor space to choose the equipment that is most suitable for production conditions.


The selection of a magnetic separator is a matter that requires comprehensive consideration from many aspects. If you want to truly know which magnetic separator should be used, you still need to go through a series of processes such as mineral processing tests or consult an experienced manufacturer, depending on the specific situation.

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