The working principle of magnetic base and how to assemble it

Magnetic switch device,also commonly known as magnetic bases, are device that use magnetic force to achieve fixing or adsorption functions.

By controlling the switch, the magnetic field can be turned on or off.

The magnetic base has a wide range of the applications.It is generally used for the fixing of measuring tools, such as dial gauges and vibration meters.

In mechanical manufacturing, it is often used as a positioning and clamping tool,which can be firmly adsorbed on the surface of magnetic materials such as steel,ensure the stability and accuracy of the manufacturing process.

In equipment maintenance, magnetic bases can be used to secure lights or other maintenance tools, allowing work to be carried out in dark or hard-to reach areas.

In the office and home,magnetic bases are also ideal for easily securing small items such as notes and photos to metal filing cabinets or refrigerator doors.

1. Magnetic Base Structure

magnetic base

The magneic base mainly consists of three parts: the shell, the magnet core, and the handle.

The shell part is composed of soft magnetic materials (iron, etc) and low magnetic permeability materials (aluminum or copper, etc).

The core part can usually be directly made of cylindrical magnets(ferrite magnets),or it can be made of a sheet-like strong magnet(neodymium magnets) and two semi-cylindrical iron blocks.

The handle can be directly inserted into the groove reserved on the top of the core and fixed with a cover plate and screws.

2.Operating Principle

By rotating the handle, we can change the direction of the magnetic poles of the magnet core.Due to the different materials and structures in different directions,we can control the magnetic field of the magnet to be emitted or shielded.

When the handle is in the ON position, the magnetic poles are facing the two iron blocks.After the iron blocks are magnetized, the magnetic field effectively passes through the air gap at the top and bottom, and the magnetic base becomes magnetic.

When the handle is in the OFF position, the magnetic lines form a closed magnetic circuit in the two iron blocks, resulting in the magnetic properties being shielded within the magnetic base.

3. Assembly process

①Pick a neodymium magnet with appropriate performance and size.

image 2

②Select two semi-cylindrical iron blocks, which are adsorbed on the neodymium magnet to form the core part.

image 3

③Install aluminum fixing parts

image 4

④Install the aluminum snap ring

image 5

⑤Core assembly is completed

image 6

⑥Add lubricating oil to the magnetic base to prevent rust

image 7

⑦The base is installed

image 8

⑧Install the handle, secure it with the cover plate and screws, and attach the switch tag.

image 9

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