Magnetic Lifter

The magnetic lifter is an advanced equipment that uses magnetic principles to lift heavy objects.It usually consists of permanent magnets, lifting mechanisms, and control systems.Its working principle is to adsorb on ferromagnetic objects through magnetic force, and then use the lifting mechanism to lift and move the objects.Due to its advantages of contact-free, wear-free, energy-saving and environmental protection, the magnetic lifter has been widely used in industrial production, logistics and transportation.

Compared to traditional lifting equipment, magnetic lifter have many unique advantages.Firstly, it can achieve rapid adsorption and movement of ferromagnetic objects, improving work efficiency.Secondly, because magnetic lifter do not require the use of vulnerable parts such as steel wire ropes during lifting, maintenance costs are lower and the service life is longer.In addition, magnetic lifter also have the characteristics of simple operation, safety and reliability, providing operators with a better work experience.