MRI / NMR magnet

The main magnet is the most basic component of the MRI machine and is the device that generates the magnetic field. According to the way the magnetic field is generated, the main magnet can be divided into permanent magnet type and electromagnetic type. The electromagnetic main magnet is a coil wound by wires. When energized, a magnetic field is generated. According to the different wire materials, electromagnetic main magnets can be divided into normally conducting magnets and superconducting magnets. The permanent magnet type main magnet is actually a large magnet (due to its large size, the main magnet is composed of a large number of block magnets.), and the magnetic field continues to exist after magnetization. At present, most low-field-strength, open-type MRI machines use permanent magnet main magnets.Due to performance and cost considerations, most magnetic resonance imaging magnets use neodymium magnets.

Currently, our company can produce main magnets for magnetic resonance imaging equipment that provide 1.5T field strength.Commonly used performance standards are N48, N52M, etc.